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Teach your Kids Money Skills in Everyday Moments

I remember the first time my mum took me to withdraw money from an ATM machine. It seemed like magic to a 10 year-old. But, you can demystify this magical experience for your kids. In fact, everyday moments provide the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about money without giving them a lecture 😅. Here are three key moments you can do this:

  • Grocery Shopping: Let your kids help with the shopping list and compare prices. Show them how to make smart choices and stay within budget. 
  • Allowance & Chores: Tie their allowance to age-appropriate chores. This teaches the importance of earning money through hard work. By the way, you can do pay your kids for completing their chores with the Earlybean app. 
  • The ATM machine: When withdrawing money from the ATM is a great place to talk to your kids about money. How you earn money and why you save money? And much more.