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The Finance App for Kids and Teens

We teach kids and teens smart money habits while they learn to manage their own money, with parental guidance

How does Earlybean help?

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Built for kids, teens & the whole family

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Assigned Tasks

Assigned Tasks

Set tasks for your kids and choose to reward them for completing them by the due date.

Smart Saving with Goals

Smart Saving with Goals

Kids get to save towards big goals and milestones, while earning interest on their savings.

Scheduled Allowances

Scheduled Allowances

Set one-off or recurring allowances for your kids, so they can learn to manage their own money.

Financial Courses

Financial Courses

Assign financial courses to your kids and track their progress to becoming money smart.

A Debit Card of their Own(Coming Soon)

A Debit Card of their Own

Parents set flexible controls and get real-time notifications of their kids’ money activity.

Investment for Teens(Coming Soon)

Investment for Teens

Youngster users can invest and grow their money.

Earlybean Products

Experience our Apps

Experience our product

With the Earlybean app, kids and teens learn smart money habits in practical and engaging way.


Earlybean Mobile App for Parents

You can send money instantly, automate allowance, and monitor spending in real time. We are the modern solution for the “bank of mom & dad”.


Earlybean Mobile App for 6 - 17year olds

Kids and teens pick up smart money habits as they learn to earn, save and budget their own money, with parental guidance.


What parents are saying about Earlybean

"My daughter loves being able to save up and buy to things she loves and I love the peace of mind that comes with the parental controls."

Amaka, parent

"Thanks to the educational resources provided by Earlybean, my son has a much better understanding of how to save and manage his money"

Suo, parent


Built with your safety and security in mind

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Parental Guidance

Keep an eye on your child's account in real time and easily control and manage their spending.

NDIC Insured

All deposits are insured through our CBN licensed banking partners.

Privacy Protection

Your privacy matters to us, and we take measures to protect and keep your personal information secure and private.

KYC Compliance

We conduct KYC compliance to ensure a secure platform, preventing fraud, identity theft and other financial crimes


Why Families love Earlybean

Smart learning tools

The app makes learning about money fun and engaging for kids and teens through games, quizzes, and activities. They learn how to budget, save, invest, and spend wisely, giving them the edge to thrive financially from an early age.

Peace of mind

Parents have powerful tools to actively shape their kids' financial education. By automating allowances, setting tasks, and monitoring progress, parents play a pivotal role in instilling responsible money habits, ensuring their children grow into financially savvy individuals.

Easy money management

Kids and teens not only learn financial concepts but also put them into practice. Using our money management tools, kids and teens get to extend their financial learning through real-life experiences.



Have any questions?

Question 1

Who is Earlybean?

Earlybean is a learning-focused finance app where kids and teens can manage their own money, learn to save, budget, and invest through engaging lessons, quizzes, and games- all with parental guidance.
Question 2

Is Earlybean safe?

Yes. All funds are insured by NDIC through our CBN licensed banking partners.
Question 3

Do I have to create an Earlybean account before my child can get one?

For your kids to have an account, you have to create a parent account, under which you have the option to create a custodial or youngster for your kids.
Question 4

What types of kids’ accounts can you create on Earlybean?

As a parent/guardian, you can create a custodial or youngster account. A youngster account is a savings account that helps 6-17 year olds to learn to manage their own money, save, budget, and invest through engaging courses, quizzes, and games- all with parental guidance. While a custodial account allows you to. save on behalf of your kids and hand it over to them when you're both ready. Think of it as a trust fund.
Question 5

Which app should I use to get started with Earlybean?

Download the 'Earlybean parents app' if you are over the age of 18, and the 'Earlybean youngster app' if you are under the age of 18. Install the app from either Apple Store or Play Store, sign up, and you're done.
Question 6

How is Earlybean different from a bank?

Earlybean’s approach to finance involves blended-learning. We combine an engaging mix of educational content, games, and practical learning for kids.

Improve your kid’s financial knowledge and teach them good money habits with Earlybean.

Set your kids up for success by downloading the Earlybean mobile app for parents.

Download the parent mobile app using any the links.