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6 Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Money Management

Are your kids excited about learning money matters, or do they shy away from financial discussions? Studies suggest that when learning is enjoyable, children are more motivated, pay attention, and are more engaged.

But making money management fun for kids can sometimes be a bit tricky for parents. Here are six activities to help you make learning about money enjoyable for your little ones:

1. Play Shop:

Create a play shop and have your kids play the role of customers and salespeople. For younger kids, it is essential to keep item quantities and prices simple. Items might cost ₦50 or ₦100, for instance. Also, younger kids might require your assistance with counting and writing.

For older kids, you can make things more challenging by using larger quantities and higher pricing. They’ll learn about making purchases, calculating change, and managing their own money.

2. Board Games:

Classic board games like Monopoly, help you teach your kids about money in a fun way. Plan a family game night and use the fun environment to talk to your kids about different money topics.

3. Allowance Practice:

Give your kids an allowance and have them practice managing it. They can learn about saving, spending, and making smart financial choices with their allowance. They can also earn their allowance by doing chores or tasks you give them. This teaches them to be financially responsible with their allowance. The Earlybean app is a great place to start.

4. Make a Budget:

If your kids have been dying to go to the amusement park, use that opportunity to teach them about money. How? Have your kids make a budget for the trip to the amusement park. This will help them learn about planning and budgeting for a big expense.

5. Shopping Trip:

Take your kids on a shopping trip and have them help you make financial decisions. One way to make a trip to the supermarket more fun and interesting is to give your kids a small list of items with ₦1000 or more and tell them they need to buy all these things within budget. This will teach them about comparing prices and making smart purchases.

6. Savings Challenge:

Start a savings challenge with your kids. Encourage them to save a certain amount of money each week or month. This will teach them the power of saving and the importance of setting financial goals.

By the way, we recently launched a 90-day savings challenge in our teens community. Click here to help your kids join the savings challenge.

So you see, teaching kids about money management doesn’t have to be a chore. By combining fun activities into your lessons, you can make learning about money a memorable and enjoyable experience for your kids. Start today with Earlybean.