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3 Practical Ways to Raise Confident Kids

Last week, we had the incredible opportunity to visit a school and teach kids about money. It was an eye-opening experience, especially seeing some of the kids lack confidence in sharing their thoughts. 

However, one young boy named Rashid stood out to me. He fearlessly expressed his dream of becoming a biscuit seller, without worrying about others' opinions. Reflecting on that day, I realized there's a need to help parents raise confident kids. So, I conducted some research and compiled three activities that can boost your child's self-confidence:

1. Daily Chores/Tasks: Assigning age-appropriate chores or tasks to your kids not only shows them that you trust them with important responsibilities but also allows them to contribute to the family. This sense of contribution boosts their confidence and self-worth. With the Earlybean app, you can set chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the room or tasks like watering plants or dog walking for your kids to build their confidence today. 

2. Family Compliment Jar: Create a jar where family members can write compliments about each other. During dinner time, take turns reading these notes aloud. This heartwarming practice not only creates beautiful moments but also uplifts your kids' confidence by highlighting their strengths and positive qualities. 

3. Goal Setting: Encourage your kids to set goals and work towards achieving them. Sit down together and ask them about something they would love to buy but don't currently have the money for. Then, help them create a plan to reach their goal. You can help your kids create a goal on the Earlybean app and even create milestones to track their progress towards their goal. This process instills a sense of purpose and accomplishment, boosting their confidence along the way.