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Question 1

Who is Earlybean?

Earlybean is a learning-focused finance app where kids and teens can manage their own money, learn to save, budget, and invest through engaging lessons, quizzes, and games- all with parental guidance.
Question 2

Is Earlybean safe?

Yes. All funds are insured by NDIC through our CBN licensed banking partners.
Question 3

Do I have to create an Earlybean account before my child can get one?

For your kids to have an account, you have to create a parent account, under which you have the option to create a custodial or youngster for your kids.
Question 4

What types of kids’ accounts can you create on Earlybean?

As a parent/guardian, you can create a custodial or youngster account. A youngster account is a savings account that helps 6-17 year olds to learn to manage their own money, save, budget, and invest through engaging courses, quizzes, and games- all with parental guidance. While a custodial account allows you to. save on behalf of your kids and hand it over to them when you're both ready. Think of it as a trust fund.
Question 5

Which app should I use to get started with Earlybean?

Download the 'Earlybean parents app' if you are over the age of 18, and the 'Earlybean youngster app' if you are under the age of 18. Install the app from either Apple Store or Play Store, sign up, and you're done.
Question 6

How is Earlybean different from a bank?

Earlybean’s approach to finance involves blended-learning. We combine an engaging mix of educational content, games, and practical learning for kids.

Improve your kid’s financial knowledge and teach them good money habits with Earlybean.

Set your kids up for success by downloading the Earlybean mobile app for parents.

Download the parent mobile app using any the links.